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Baby, Hop On-Board the Best Mini Party Bus for Children in Sydney!

Is your child's Birthday fast approaching? Are you looking for a child friendly shuttle transfer service in Sydney? Learn more about hiring a party bus for children, read the top 5 reasons why and find the best mini party bus deals for kids!

Planning a kids birthday party isn't as easy as it sounds. There's plenty to consider including where to hold the party and working out the invitation list of school friends and family members. Plus, there's food, gifts and fun activities to think of.

Ultimately, you want to create a memorable kid’s birthday celebration!

If you have decided to hold your child's birthday party at a venue such as Bowling, at a Park, kids club or playground then you may want to consider a kid’s birthday party shuttle transfer. A great way to get all the kids to and from the birthday venue safely and together.

Booking a mini party bus shuttle for your children is as easy as 1,2,3 with Sydney's hottest party bus for kids! Bling Bling Maxi offers the best mini bus transfer for children and will be sure to create a magical surprise from the moment they step on-board.

Parents & guardians can hire a mini bus transfer for all types of children’s occasions including birthdays, milestones, achievements or just because they're your kids!

Here are the top 5 reasons why children will absolutely LOVE riding in a Sydney Mini Party Bus for Kids;

#5 - Hiring a mini party bus for children in Sydney is much cheaper than you think. The price for a regular maxi taxi service or Uber driver can be much more expensive and in some cases with traffic, can be unpredictable in final cost. Get your kids party started and book a mini party bus shuttle transfer to enjoy peace of mind with a fixed price for the one way or return trip transfer.

#4 - Colourful lights, disco ball, selfie camera and more all come standard with every kid’s party mini bus booking. It's a magical ride that brings colour to life and kick starts the party before it even begins! When you book a Sydney party bus for your kid’s birthday or celebration you know your little ones are going to be amazed by the light shows, smoke machine and sparkling interiors that call for wows!

#3 - Is it Justin Bieber or Katy Perry? No matter who your children idolize; they can sing-along to their favourite songs with an on-board Karaoke machine with microphone! Kids will have the time of their life as they make their way to the party venue in an awesome fun-filled maxi taxi party bus with built in Karaoke!

#2 - Safety is a priority. Of course, when we start talking about children and shuttle transfer services one of the biggest concerns is ensuring kids safety always. When you book a mini party bus for children you have several assurances that your kids and their friends will be in safe driving hands. Every driver is professional and certified by the NSW Ministry of Transport. Plus, well-maintained vehicles and safe driving is a number one priority at Bling Bling Maxi - Sydney Party Bus Hire for Children. In addition, baby seats, booster seats and capsules are available as optional extras with your booking!

#1 - And for the number one reason why kids will love riding in a mini party bus... drum roll please ... KIDS LOVE TO PARTY and why should they settle for an ordinary maxi taxi when parents can book a mini party bus and really get their excitement levels up before you even get to the kid’s party venue!

There's absolutely no reason why you wouldn't want to find out how much it would cost to book a mini party bus in Sydney. Bling Bling Maxi is a clear choice and represents great value for money.

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