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Find the Best Party Bus and Maxi Taxi Deals in Sydney

A guide to booking the cheapest price for mini party bus hire in Sydney city and its surrounding suburbs.

Planning a party or night out? Need a group transfer? Want to find the best and cheapest funbus Sydney has to offer? Hiring a mini bus can cost much less than you think, especially when you can share the cost with all the passengers. Why pay more for less inclusions when you book a regular maxi taxi cab, hummer, limo or Uber driver?

It's time to save money and ride in a Bling Bling Party Bus! You don't have to be going to a night club or party to enjoy the extras included; you just need a group travelling together to save money on your transfer costs!

Let's look at some of the reasons you would book a Sydney limo party bus.

Special occasions should always be on the top 10 list for booking a mini party bus such as Birthday's, Bucks or Hens party group transfers.

Of course, you're not limited to these events and can always book a maxi party bus for any occasion at the same price or cheaper than a maxi taxi cab or uber driver.

When you compare prices for hiring a limo party bus or hummer transfer to booking a Bling Bling Maxi Party Bus you are guaranteed to save money and enjoy all the extras these services offer.

For all group transfers - why choose to ride in a plain and boring maxi taxi? It's a day or night for celebrating or being together with family and friends and there's no better way of getting everyone in the right mood than organising a mini party bus with Sydney's best maxi taxi party bus!

When you book with Bling Bling Maxi you save money and get the best deal on your Sydney group transfer service.

Compare party bus deals and maxi taxi mini bus offers in Sydney.

Hummers & Limo Party Transfers are at the high end of the taxi fare calculator. You're almost paying double the cost of a maxi taxi cab just to get to your desired destination. While they do offer a level of luxury for your party transfer what they don't tell you is there's better deals that represent more value for money in similar style luxury transport.

Some mini buses feature all the luxury touches similar to a limousine or hummer but for a fraction of the cost. As an example; Bling Bling Sydney Party Buses have been fitted with luxury leather seats, designer interiors, smoke machines, disco light shows, karaoke machine, diamante walls and sleek floor boards. Plus, they come equipped with all the entertainment extras such as plasma screen, sound system and selfie-cams.

So how much would you pay for 10 guests to ride in a maxi taxi party bus? Possibly half the cost and you still get a professional driver certified by the NSW Ministry of Transport. Pay less for booking a mini party bus and get more - makes sense, doesn't it?

Book with the best.

Find out how much you can save on your next Sydney mini bus hire by completing our Quick Quote online form. It takes less than a minute or two to complete.

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