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Paying Too Much on the Meter for Sydney Airport Taxi Cabs?

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When calculating the cost of a taxi fare going to and from Sydney Airport, there are a few essential items to consider that ultimately determine how much it will cost to book a taxi to take you to your desired destination.

It really comes down to a few things like; where you are going, when you want to go, what you need to get you there and which route you prefer to travel. Booking a Sydney taxi cab service leaves much room for the meter to rack-up the taxi fare as it calculates costs; even when you are bumper-to-bumper in typical everyday Sydney traffic.

Booking a taxi to take you to and from the Airport really is the ‘first cab-off-the-rank’ option for most of people. Before train lines were built to take you direct to the Sydney airport terminal you desire, and well before options such as Uber or Car Share came out; it was pretty much hoping on a bus, catching a taxi or scoring a free lift with family or friends.

Catching a Taxi in Sydney can be costlier than you think and where you are going is a good place to start so that you can determine if a taxi cab is the right choice for your journey.

People catch taxis every day in Sydney. Here we look at one of the most popular reasons why people book a taxi and ways you could be saving money on your metered taxi fare.

Sydney Airport Taxi shuttles are high on the popularity list. No one wants to pay for over-priced airport parking fees. It makes for a very expensive way to travel; could upgrade to business class on your flight instead of paying for parking at Sydney Airport! (just an opinion)

If you need a taxi to go to or from Sydney airport then you need to work out a few things like how many people are travelling, how many luggage bags there are and if you need any extras like baby seats or wheel chair accessible maxi cabs.

As an example, and scenario;

“A family of 4 has booked their holiday plans and need to organise for a taxi to pick them up from their home in northern beaches and take them to the Sydney international airport, departures terminal (T1). The family is going on a two-week holiday and they have two-adults and one teenager and a young 5-year old girl travelling with them which also means they need a booster seat installed before they are picked up. They also have two large (and heavy) luggage suit cases, two medium sized suit cases and 3 carry-on luggage bags. They also have a foldable stroller or pram that will be coming on holidays.”

What do you think this family should do?

Book a Sydney Taxi? Sydney Maxi Taxi? Sydney Uber Driver? Catch a Sydney Shuttle Bus? Catch a Sydney Train? Drive & Park at Sydney Airport?

There are several choices available however, let’s start eliminating the ones that don’t meet this families taxi travel needs. First, we can rule-out the standard Sydney Taxi car (sedan or similar). As this group of travellers require additional luggage space and a booster seat, booking a taxi cab will not work for them unless of course they book two taxis. But that’s double the cost of getting to the airport!

Next, we can eliminate catching an airport link train. With heavy luggage and a young child, catching a train to Sydney airport would mean this family needs to find a way to get to the train station first. Not ideal for a family group travelling overseas. Plus, the cost of train tickets for each person to travel to the airport is cheaper overall but still quite expensive for the inconvenience and hassle it brings. The same applies to a Sydney airport shuttle bus however there are some options where you can share a shuttle bus although that also means you need to share the space.

Booking an Uber driver in Sydney to get you and your family to the airport is another option however sometimes not the most ideal for travellers. Again, in this example, this family would need to request a larger-vehicle (most likely a van or large 4WD or SUV) and ensure they had a booster seat available for their child travel safely in the car.

Find the Best Taxi for Sydney Airport Transfers.

Now we will look at booking a maxi taxi service in Sydney. Maxi taxis are a good choice however please be warned that; the term “maxitaxi” is relevant or widely known for ‘pre-booked private taxi services’ as well as ‘taxi plated metered taxi services’ in Sydney.

For a Maxi Taxi from a taxi-plated service, you’ll find there a few structures to the cost and these are; you’ll pay an additional surcharge for the maxi taxi instead of a standard taxi PLUS there will be additional costs for the booster seat, toll roads, taxi taxes and fees. And if that isn’t enough to make your wallet frown; if you plan to travel during peak-hour Sydney traffic or peak times at the Sydney airport, then you can expect the meter to keep on ticking the cost up for your taxi ride. This makes your taxi fare calculator inaccurate as it cannot predict road conditions.

For a Maxi Taxi from a private, pre-booked shuttle service then you’ll find the price structure a little less daunting and keeps you in control of the what it costs to get to the airport. Privately owned pre-booked maxi taxi airport shuttle services give you an upfront cost, all inclusive of tolls, traffic and taxes. A set price and fixed taxi cost means no surprises and no worries if there is an incident on the road that causes some delays. You’ll find it can be cheaper, more effective and gives you peace-of-mind as you prepare to take that holiday with your family you have been much longing for.

Book Sydney’s Best Airport Transfer Maxi Taxi Cab for Family and Group travel. or for your next airport transfer and enjoy a comfortable ride, that’s privately yours and has plenty of space to fit all your luggage, prams, strollers and carry-on bags.

Learn more about BlingBlingMaxi or Maxi-TaxiCabs, find out what other Australian customers think about their taxi services and why they make for the ideal way to travel to and from Sydney airport.

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