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Book a Sydney Maxi Taxi Cab or Sydney Mini Bus? You Decide.

In this article, we look at the differences, advantages, costs and overall value-for-money between booking a Sydney MaxiTaxi and booking a Sydney Mini Bus shuttle for your group transfer. Both options will get you to your destination – the question is: “how, and how much?”

If you book a Sydney Maxi Taxi Cab, then expect the usual Sydney taxi service. We recently enquired about booking a maxi taxi for a transfer from Sydney’s western suburbs to Sydney Airport. Below we have included our findings however refrained from mentioning the Australian companies contacted. Most offered a similar fare structure for Sydney taxi bookings.


First, let’s look at the price of hiring a Sydney maxi taxi cab. We all know that taxi fares are calculated at the time of the taxi-transfer, it’s hard to work out the exact cost without being able to predict the journey’s traffic, incidents and any unforeseeable delays. All these factors force the cost of your trip in a maxi taxi up and leaves much room for uncertainty.

In addition to this, anyone who books a Sydney maxi taxi cab is forced to pay a 30% surcharge (on top of the calculated taxi fare) in comparison to booking a standard Sydney taxi cab vehicle.

The alternative to ordering a Sydney maxi cab is booking a Sydney Mini Bus shuttle. Just like a maxi taxi cab, the mini bus shuttle offers an all-inclusive price structure with no surprises at the end of your transfer.

For example; a family of 5 with extra luggage staying at a Sydney hotel pre-book a mini bus shuttle to take them to Sydney international airport. They are quoted a price of $90 inclusive of GST and Tolls. The family knows the cost, has a private mini bus shuttle booked and enjoys peace of mind knowing exactly what the transfer will cost without worrying about traffic jams or taxi drivers taking the ‘longer’ route just to increase the total taxi fare at the end of the trip!


Apart from just cost and uncertainty factors, there’s also a level of professionalism customers look for from Sydney maxi taxi drivers.

Some private mini bus transfer companies, private maxi taxi service providers and luxury vehicle hire offer a more personalised service. Your chauffeur is not only dressed professionally, in most cases expect him/her to help load-and-unload your luggage, open and close the car door for you as well as provide you with bottled spring water at no extra cost.

When you compare this service standard with the ‘general’ service you would expect to receive from a maxi taxi cab booking, depending on the company and driver at the time – you could be in for a treat (or not so treat). Once again you are left with uncertainty with booking a Sydney maxi taxi over a private maxi taxi or mini bus transfer.

In summary, you really need to get online and shop around. Look for the best Sydney maxi taxi offering a personalised service, fixed cost and suitability for your needs. Don’t just ring the regular ol’ taxi in Sydney and pay more than you should.

Bling Bling Maxi offers a fleet of mini buses, maxi taxi cabs and MPV’s in Sydney. > Enquire today about your next group transfer!

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